The ARA conference is an exciting part of the Record Keeping sector year. Attending gives you unique opportunities to engage with professional issues, network with colleagues and meet commercial and sectoral colleagues. There is nothing like an ARA conference to make you feel a part of the profession and this sense of belonging is vital for all of us.  

Read what two first time attendees had to say about conference:

"I found the conference more provocative than expected, with some really passionate speakers tugging me in different directions with their different viewpoints.  I was made to feel very welcome to speak as a new professional. I also felt that there was a mutual respect between new and more experienced speakers. I have also enjoyed talking with people during the breaks and hearing the opinions of others."

"I really enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know others better. The conference is a great place to share ideas and techniques. All of the talks were brilliant. I learnt so much from Yuki's talk on the 'myths of japanese papers' about the qualities to look for and avoid in Japanese papers."  
Making Your Case to Attend Conference
Make your case for attending, and show how you'll be more valuable to your institution afterwards.  We hope you can make the case for you to come to at least a day of the ARA Conference. You can also choose to join us for our Wednesday evening reception, or Thursday evening Gala Dinner. If you need help in persuading your employers, we have a model business case letter here Business Case letter template 

If you are not able to gain institutional support ARA members can apply for a conference bursary - details will be posted soon.