Conference 2019 presentation videos 

After our successful videoing of speaker sessions in 2017 and 2018 we are pleased to be able to provide a selection of speaker sessions below.  The Leeds conference proved to be a fun packed 3 days with a select mix from the conservation, digital, archives/records and records management strands plus the stimulating keynote addresses from Dr Alexandra Eveleigh, Ros Lynch and J. Willgoose, Esq. In all, we videoed around 20 or so sessions of the more than 70 on offer at Conference.

The videoed sessions are free for all to view, hoping that this will help stimulate wider and ongoing discussion on the issues raised. So, if you were at Conference and wanted to be at two overlapping sessions, now’s your chance to see the one you missed. Similarly, check below if you want to refresh your memory about a session you attended. And if you were unable to attend Conference but wanted to some snippets of what everyone was talking about, you can now get a feel for it yourself. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you in Chester in 2020!

The video choices are listed below and the numbers next to the speakers name corresponds with their video. All videos can be found at the bottom of this page;

Keynote Speakers

  1. Dr Alexandra Eveleigh’s keynote - Opening proceedings for this year’s Conference and setting the tone for Recordkeeper 3.0 - Dr Eveleigh focused on the need not only to change what we do but to change how we think, to embrace the destabilising reality of the modern work environment.
  2. Dr Ros Lynch's keynote - Opening the second day of Conference – with a day theme of ‘our workplaces’ - Dr Ros Lynch of the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) took us expertly on a tour of the challenges facing those who regulate and ‘police’ the intellectual property (IP) world in a time of rapid technological change. At the outset, she stressed that the main task of copyright oversight remained trying to balance the rights of IP holders with user access.
  3. J. Willgoose Esq’s keynote Opening the third and final day of Conference – with a day theme of ‘our profession’ - Using a powerful combination of images, music and narrative, J. Willgoose Esq. set out the evolution of the band Public Service Broadcasting and some of the key moments, barriers, creative and other processes that had informed the band’s musical evolution and relationship with records.


Panel sessions

  • Use it or lose it - the value of archival literacy and traditional skills in a digital age - Charlotte Berry (4), Michael Riordan (19), Philippa Hoskin (12), Jenny Mitcham (16), Caroline Brown (5), Annaliese Griffiss (9)
  • Archives in museums, museums in archives: the challenges and opportunities - Helen Dafter (7), Louise Pichel (18), Dorothy Kidd (13)


Conference presentations

  • On my own: how to cope as a lone professional - Lara Moon (17)
  • It ain’t dead: bringing an archives service back to life - Ruth MacLeod (15)
  • Who’s afraid of being a historian? Archivists, public history and a state of denial - Melinda Haunton (11)
  • Immersive education for Recordkeeper 3.0 - Rebecca Emmett (8)
  • Fundraising for conservation: does anyone have a cunning plan? - Lien Gyles (10)
  • FARMER Prizewinner 2018: Shaping records management communication at the European Central Bank - Jens Kuhn (14)
  • Will the real recordkeeper 3.0 please stand up? - Jenny Bunn and James Baker (6)
  • Working for fair pay – ARA’s Pay Review Group - Andrea Waterhouse and Nicky Hilton (20)