“People make records, that is true, but people also determine what to record and what to do with it once its recorded” – Professor Gus John (Keynote speaker, ARA conference, 29 August 2018).

The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) is committed to:

Being and agent for change and reflecting the variety and diversity of the communities we serve in the records we manage, preserve and keep

  • Reaching out to marginalised groups – that exist through a variety of factors including geography, sexuality, race and class – to improve their awareness of, and access to, records that may concern them
  • Ensuring our policies and procedures are inclusive and reflect more fully the diversity of our communities
  • Recognising and reflecting in our code of ethics and wider professional development that the decisions we make in our professional lives have an impact beyond our storerooms and reading rooms


Opening up opportunities to work in the record-keeping profession to all

  • Promoting the new ARA Professional Development Programme as a means of entry into and successful progression of a career in record-keeping
  • Encouraging an inclusive approach to recruitment and promotion across the recordkeeping sector
  • Collaborating with colleagues across the information sector to investigate additional new routes into the profession including apprenticeships


Supporting record-keepers and conservators in the many challenges they face working in the sector

  • continuing to support fair pay for the profession through the work of the ARA Pay Review Group
  • Rolling out Emotional Support guidance and other resources to members
  • Providing support for marginalised workers in the workforce
  • Advocating the vital importance of archives and record-keeping to society at a time of austerity


Next steps

“Don’t be overawed… it’s always those little actions that you can take today and next week that get things moving” – Martin Sibley (Keynote speaker, ARA conference, 31 August 2018)

The Board of the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) will develop an action plan to tackle the challenges set in this manifesto. Updates on our work will be publicised using


The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) is committed to reviewing this document at the 2019 Leeds conference which will take place at the Queen’s Hotel, Leeds, from 28th to 30th August 2019.